WordCamp Kenya 2011 Schedule

The day is almost here, we are all looking forward to a great weekend in Naivasha at WordCamp Kenya 2011.

Please see the schedule for the day here:


One thing you should be keen to note is the assembly time and place on Saturday morning at 8:30am. Please keep time so that we do not mess up the rest of the schedule. Also note that everything will go as per the schedule, especially departure from Nairobi.

Also, if you have not filled up your ticket details, check the email you received when you paid for your ticket and fill in the details. These are important because we want everyone to have a personalized name tag, tee-shirt and other material.

David Mugo,
Organizer, WordCamp Kenya.

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3 Responses to WordCamp Kenya 2011 Schedule

  1. kipsizoo says:

    This is so good of you David. Cant wait to be there

  2. Ang'asa says:

    sounds awesome! just wondering, when will tickets be available? just read none are at the moment …