The Kenya ICT Board was established by HE President Mwai Kibaki, as a state corporation under the State Corporations Act Cap. 446 on 19th February 2007.

The Kenya ICT Board’s mission is to champion and actively enable Kenya to adopt and exploit ICT, through promotion of partnerships, investments and infrastructure growth for socio economic enrichment.

Its vision is that Kenya becomes a top ten global ICT hub by 2030.

The Kenya ICT Board mandate is to:

  • Market: Positioning and promoting Kenya as an ICT destination (locally and internationally), especially promoting Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Offshoring.
  • Advise: Advise the government on all relevant matters pertaining to the development and promotion of ICT industries in the country
  • Build Capacity: Providing government and other stakeholders with skills, capacity and funding for anchor implementation of ICT projects for development.
  • Manage Projects: Coordinating, directing and implementing anchor ICT projects within Government.