Sponsor Spotlight: Safaricom Ltd, Platinum Sponsor

You’ve all heard about Safaricom, Kenya’s leading telco. I’m sure you know it has over 17 million subscribers, and that it had a pretax profit of Sh18.36 billion ($216 million) this year. But what does Safaricom have to offer you? What do the company mean  to you as a nerd, a techie, a coder, a blogger, a random digital native?

Firstly, Safaricom isn’t all about mobile. It is one of the leading integrated communications companies not just in Kenya, but in Africa as well, and it supports you in more ways than you realize.

Safaricom voice services allow you to keep in touch with clients and peers, both online and off.

Our data services allow you to carry out your business and social activities whether it’s tweeting a new contact, blogging about traffic, or developing your latest app. Thanks to the wide coverage, you can be online anywhere, anytime. Safaricom introduced the most affordable smart phone running on Android, the Huawei Ideos, with over 100,000 units in the hands of consumers. More recently Safaricom brought us the Webbox that turns your TV into a computer.

M-PESA services facilitate sending and receiving of money, both locally and internationally. You can use M-PESA pretty much anywhere thanks to the 28,000 available points of contact locally, and you can also use M-PESA via Western Union to send money from abroad.

Safaricom has made heavy investments in broadband capacity giving us a foothold in undersea cable, satellite, metro and trunk cable connectivity. It also has the widest 3G network and the most expansive WIMAX presence in Kenya. As a result, over 92% of Kenyans who use the Internet regularly, access the Internet through the Safaricom network/infrastructure. We are currently testing the Long Term Evolution (LTE) 4G technology, which will serve your Internet needs even better.

Safaricom is listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange and trades on the telecommunications and technology segment, so it makes a good investment plan as well.

As a digital citizen, your need for fast and effective, personalized customer care can be met through Safaricom’s online presence. You can reach us on Facebook, Twitter, or even through our website.

Website: http://www.safaricom.co.ke
@SafaricomLtd ; @Safaricom_Care

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