Integration of WordPress Into Your Organizations’s Ecosystem

Angela Oduor, a developer with Ushahidi and a member of AkiraChix will be speaking on how to get WordPress integrated into your ecosystem at ease. Her talk will demonstrate how easy it is to create plugins and widgets that easily connect into the WordPress core code.

Blogging Communities, Aggregation & Content Strategies

Putting together like minds can change any industry in the World. Bloggers are a powerful lot. This session will discuss the power of coming together and building communities, aggregation platforms like Kenya Unlimited & Afrigator and much more. Njeri Wangari will be discussing her efforts to bring together the Kenyan writers and poets as a community, content strategy and how to make sure your focus line is what you are perfect at. Sam Gichuru, founder of the NaiLab will also be discussing how bringing together communities helps us move to the next level.

The WordPress E-Commerce Equation

As WordPress cuts across the web as a dynamic publishing platform, WordPress is known to power shopping carts and other complex systems. Kelvin Jayanoris, a Kenyan developer who has created an open source shopping cart running on WordPress will be speaking about why he chose that route and why he thinks WordPress is the platform to sell online.

SEO, Social Media, WordPress & Blogging

WordPress is ranked as the best search engine optimized publishing platform on the internet. It however requires more than just SEO to make sure your posts are read by everyone in the relevant circle. Social media is the new wave that drives reading across the internet. Francis Waithaka, a social media expert will be taking you through the discovery journey of how to make sure you capture the correct audience through social media.

Lyrical Artistry, Poetry & WordPress

Music and poetry is a unique part of our life that tells our stories as no other media can. During the bonfire session while we wait for the barbeque dinner, we shall be served with poetry from Wamatha and Njeri Wangari. They will both make sure we are entertained and that we also get to learn a thing or two about poetry, publishing online and why Wamathai’s platform of choice is WordPress.

Photography Publishing & WordPress

Boniface Mwangi, one of Kenya’s best photographers, founder of Picha Mtaani and other video and photo projects will be speaking to us about his journey from his first picture, first publication, first digital publication and online projects he has been involved in. He will talk to us on why WordPress is his platform of choice as a professional photographer. He will talk about the 1000 words each picture speakers.

WordPress as a CMS

WordPress has come a long way from being just a blogging platform to being the best and the easiest to use CMS for the end users. While there has been other content management systems way before WordPress became a CMS, WordPress has overtaken most of these to the frontline, powering millions of websites worldwide. Latest stats state that WordPress powers 22% of all websites in the USA. Anthony Mwangi, a theme developer & designer will be outlining why WordPress is his CMS of choice and why you should take that road too.

Monetization of Your Blog

While most people start blogging as a hobby or as a way of expression with no specific plan of making it a business, it becomes even better when you can make some money from it. Blogging can be a source of income and while this topic will be covered by multiple speakers, one interesting part will be an open mic session conducted by Njeri Rionge. This will open the floor to discuss realistic ways to make money from blogging in Kenya and Africa as a whole.

Africa + WordPress, Mobile Themes & WP Mobile Apps

Africa accesses the internet via mobile. It is approximated that 76% of Africa’s internet population is online via mobile. Out of this 76%, only 27% is smart phones. So how do you make sure your blog reaches the African audience? David Mugo will be offering a talk on this and will greatly cover targeting the mobile audience and also blogging from your smart phone. Mugo is a gadget boy especially when it comes to mobile. So his talk is bound to cover a great deal of this from basic phones, smart phones to tablet computers.

The African Blogging Journey

Moses Kemibaro, one of Africa’s biggest tech bloggers will take you through his own self discovery process in blogging, where he started from, how he stumbled upon WordPress through to where he is now. A very important session for beginner bloggers and those who want to take it to the next level. Moses will share how revenue generation strategy and make sure you understand your line and where you need to focus on.