All Set for WordCamp Kenya 2011 Tomorrow & Sunday

It is really exciting that the day is finally here. A super weekend in Kenya’s bird haven, Naivasha with WordPress & WordPress enthusiasts like myself. A weekend of learning new things, meeting new people and crowning it all with a bonfire barbeque poetry night on Saturday night. Then camping with the wild. Hippos a few meters away, wilder beasts strolling at the campsite, antelopes and other friendly animals just smiling next door. The peace of Lake Naivasha waters 50 meters from the campsite. Can I look forward to more fun?

The real subject of the trip is WordCamp – and we have just the perfect WordCamp this weekend. With sessions covering a wide scope of topics and discussions, everyone is bound to leave the venue a word brighter and having known something new they did not know about WordPress.

I feel like a preacher also for there will be new people trying to know what advantages they would have using WordPress as opposed to any other platform. I will evangelize and engage and by the time we leave, everyone will be “saved”.

Everything is in order, we have a full pack of attendees and we have a great list of speakers. Really looking forward to WordCamp Kenya 2011.

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3 Responses to All Set for WordCamp Kenya 2011 Tomorrow & Sunday

  1. Stephen says:

    I wanna get saved..

  2. Stephen says:

    I wanna get saved.

  3. John says:

    Hey man, I’m a beginner (intermediate) and I can’t wait to learn and interact!! I’m sure there’ll be TONS on offer.